Video Transcript for Glimpses of Gullah Interview:

Host: Welcome back to “Talk of the Town.” We’re thrilled to have Kristin McIntosh from the Art League of Hilton Head here, introducing Samantha Clair and her upcoming exhibit, “Glimpses of Gullah,” opening on July 3rd at the Art League Gallery. Welcome to both of you.

Host: Kristin, the Art League of Hilton Head plays a significant role in the community. Could you tell us how it enhances lives?

Kristin: Certainly! The Art League offers a gallery showcasing the work of 170 local artists, changing every four weeks. We have a featured artist each month, and currently, it’s Samantha Clair. Additionally, we provide classes for all skill levels and media at our academy on the south end. We offer free studio space for artists, host a book club, and collaborate with other communities.

Host: That sounds fantastic. Now, tell us about the upcoming exhibit.

Kristin: We’re excited about Samantha’s exhibit, “Glimpses of Gullah,” running from the 3rd through the 28th of July. The opening reception is on Wednesday, July 11th. During this time, you can enjoy Samantha’s artwork and pieces from 170 other artists.

Host: Samantha, your art is inspired by the Gullah people. What about them inspires you?

Sam: Primarily, it’s their survival and perseverance. Despite facing numerous challenges, they’ve endured and continue to do so with grace and faith. Their faith is a binding agent, and even as someone not particularly religious, it leaves me in awe of their strength and culture.

Host: Do you believe your work helps preserve their culture?

Sam: Absolutely. My art sheds light on something many people know little about, sparking curiosity and expanding the dialogue. When people buy a piece of art, they become involved and learn more, creating ripples towards a broader understanding.

Host: Can you share more about your art, especially the pieces on recycled wood?

Sam: Certainly. My work, titled “Glimpses of Gullah,” is painted on recycled wood leftover from Hurricane Matthew. These are pieces of an entire fence that came down. I focus on painting glimpses rather than large crowds, portraying individuals and telling their stories. It’s about walking into the story and discovering its meaning.

Host: You also have prints available?

Sam: Yes, I have a variety of affordable prints, making my art accessible to more people.

Kristin, how can people give back to the community through the Art League?

Kristin: Becoming a member for just $55 a year directly supports our ability to host twelve exhibits annually and bring in nationally known instructors for our academy. Those interested in the academy can find more information online.

Host: Thank you both for joining us. We look forward to the exhibit opening on July 11th.