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Casting for Clouds,  is an original 8×10 acrylic on canvas artwork by Samantha CLAAR.  It is infused with Gullah-Geechee inspired symbolism.   Within this seemingly simple painting, Samantha takes the mundane, represented by fishing with a cast net as is done all the time in the Low Country and moves the focus to casting for something ephemeral.
“Casting for Clouds” suggests that the central figure in the artwork is engaged in a unique and contemplative activity – a tranquil, spiritual moment in the midst of an ordinary activity.  Many of her paintings have birds overhead which signify that the ancestors are present. In this portrayal she  showcases a Gullah-Geechee woman, casting her net upwards, metaphorically reaching for the clouds. This act symbolizes the human desire to connect with the sky, sea, and nature, accentuating the spiritual and cultural significance of the Gullah people’s connection with their coastal surroundings.
Samantha CLAAR’s artwork is characterized by vibrant colors, expressive brushwork, and a sense of motion that beautifully captures the dynamic atmosphere of the coastal location and the personal experience of being at the sea shore.
The coastal backdrop, the refreshing sea breeze, and the Gullah-inspired elements all come together to craft a distinctive and meaningful composition that tells a Gullah-Gechee story to further our understanding and to share a particular emotion.
This small but compelling artwork comes elegantly framed in a black floating frame.  The artist chooses simple black frames for her artwork so that the focus is always on the subject.   ‘Floating’ frames allow the painting to be seen not only front and center but also the painted sides of the canvas inside the outer border of the frame.
The cost of the piece includes shipping in the continental United States, making it not only a captivating addition to your collection but also a convenient and hassle-free acquisition

8 x 10


Acrylic on Canvas


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